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Spyker P30-17520 95Kg Towed Spreader

£444.00 £369.00

• Solid stainless steel axle
• 175 lb hopper capacity
• Spread width up to 12’
• Attaches to any lawn tractor



Spyker’s P30-17520 commercial tow spreader combines high capacity hopper with high efficiency. Designed specifically for use on large lawn, commercial properties, golf courses and sports fields, the 175 lb. provides ample capacity for taking on the big jobs.

The extended on-off lever allows the operator to control the flow of the material while remaining seated when using a lawn/garden tractor. The P30-17520 is productive, versatile, and easy to use. With all the features of the Pro-Series, Spyker tow-behind spreaders deliver incredible performance at a very reasonable price.

Technical Specs

Hopper Capacity
175 lb (73 kg) Polypropylene
Spread Material
Seed, Fertilizer, Sand, Ice-Melt
Spread Width
4′ to 12′ (1219 to 3658 mm)
46″ x 29″ x 35″
(L x W x H)
(1168.4 x 736.6 x 889 mm)
Metal Gears – Lifetime Warranty
Powder-Coated Steel
13″ x 5″ (330.2 x 127 mm)
Ship Weight
44 lb (20 kg)


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