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Mountfield SP555 V 21″ Self Propelled Lawnmower

£729.00 £629.00

  • Honda GCV190 190cc Engine
  • Aluminium 53cm (21”) Deck
  • 70 Litre Grass Collector
  • Height of Cut 25-77mm
  • Washing Link
  • 5 Years Domestic Warranty*
  • Twinclip blade to boost efficiency


Whether you’re cutting a large lawn or maintaining a garden the size of a postage stamp, the Mountfield SP555 V 21” self-propelled lawnmower offers ease and convenience. Fitted with new cutting-edge technology, the self-propelled lawnmower will provide a beautifully cut lawn like never before.

The self-propelled Mountfield SP555 works by engaging a speed control lever that forces the mower to move forward. The operator can then enjoy simply walking behind the mower, guiding it around the yard, without the need for heavy pushing. Self-propelled lawnmowers are extremely easy to operate and help you manoeuvre the lawnmower around your garden without having to push it or lift it off the ground – saving both your back and your energy!

The ‘V’ in Mountfield SP555 V 21” stands for ‘variable speed’ and allows the user to select a speed that is suitable to them. This is dependent on how long the grass is and how quickly they want to get the job done.

The Mountfield SP555 Cutting Blades

The Mountfield SP555 is similar to a cylinder mower in that its blades cut grass accurately and neatly, encouraging healthy growth and a beautiful lawn. The Mountfield SP555 V is fitted with a patented Twinclip blade. This blade has four cutting surfaces instead of just two, making cutting your grass more effortless than ever before.

The first Twinclip blade works to reduce the initial length of the grass, while the second cutting edge helps reduce the grass blade length down to the desired height. With extra fine cutting abilities, you can enjoy a healthy green lawn that looks better than ever before.

Collect Grass Clippings in the Collector

The extra fine grass clippings collected from your freshly cut lawn are blown into the 75-litres collector. The functional size of this collector bin typically leads to a 20% increase in collection performance. Once you’ve finished mowing your lawn and you’ve collected the grass clippings, you can use them to fertilise your garden soil or compost – grass clippings are extremely beneficial for your garden!

The Powerful Mountfield SP555 Engine

One of the many great features of the Mountfield SP555 V 21” self-propelled lawnmower is that it’s powered by a Honda GCV190 Autochoke engine. This powerful lawnmower engine combines light and easy operation with smooth acceleration. This provides ease of use for the operator, effective grass cutting results, and manoeuvrability.

Once you’ve finished mowing your lawn, it’s important you take the time to clean the Mountfield SP555 after use. Cleaning your lawnmower after use helps facilitate functionality at all times.

Cut Grass on a Multitude of Terrain Types

One of the many fantastic features of the Mountfield SP555 V 21” is its ability to cut grass on a number of different terrain types. The Mountfield’s four wheels and self-propelling abilities allow it to easily manoeuvre on some of the roughest terrain types. So, if you live on an unforgiving terrain, the Mountfield lawnmower is the ideal mower choice for you.

The Benefits of Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

  • Takes the strain out of pushing a lawn mower around
  • Ideal for those who are unsteady on their feet
  • Great for large, square-shaped gardens
  • Save you time and energy
  • Cut through thick grass easily

Why You Should Mow Your Lawn Regularly

There are so many benefits to mowing your lawn regularly and with the help of the Mountfield SP555 V 21” self-propelled lawnmower, you can mow your lawn more efficiently than ever before. What’s more, your lawn will benefit from regular mowing in 5 significant ways:

1. Cosmetic Benefits

Mowing your lawn on a regular basis provides visible cosmetic benefits. Your lawn becomes greener, the patchy areas fill with fresh grass roots, and your lawn remains healthy all year round. Be the envy of your neighbours with a beautifully-kept lawn.

2. Encourage Healthy Grass Growth

If you mow your lawn on a regular basis, you can encourage healthy grass growth. This is because regular mowing keeps your lawn properly cut, helping all grass shoots have equal access to the sun. An even distribution if sunlight over your lawn helps to encourage uniform grass growth, helping your lawn come alive!

3. Control the Pest Population

Pests are a real problem in UK gardens. However, one of the many benefits of regular lawn mowing is that it’s a great way to control your home’s pest population. Having a lawn that is significantly over-grown can encourage pests to gather. Over time, this can cause a pest infestation, something you definitely don’t want to be dealing with! Regular lawn mowing helps keep your lawn mowed to the right height, keeping pest populations at bay.

4. Grass Cuttings Provide Soil Revitalisation

As we’ve already mentioned, grass cuttings are extremely beneficial for the health of your garden. Even though the Mountfield self-propelled lawnmower collects grass cuttings, it’s a great idea to add cuttings back into your garden. They provide fantastic soil fertilisation, keeping your garden healthy.

Transform your lawn today with the Mountfield SP555 V 21” – scroll up to buy!

Technical Data

Engine Brand  Honda
Engine Type  GCV 190 Autochoke
Engine Capacity  190cc
Net Power Output  3.3kW @ 2900rpm
Starting Method  Recoil
Transmission  Variable Speed
Drive  Self Propelled
Cutting Width  53cm /21″
Cutting Heights  25-77mm (7 Positions)
Cutting Height Adjustments  Single Point
Roller  No
Collecting  Yes
Mulching  Yes
Collector  Canvas 70 litres
Chassis  Aluminium
Fuel Tank Capacity  0.9 litre
Lawn Size  50m x 50m
Collapsible Handles  Quick Release
Safety Features  Operator Presence Control
Wheels  Front 210mm Rear 240mm
Warranty  5 Years (Terms & Conditions Apply)
Washing Link  Yes
dB Rating  98dB(A)
Weight  46Kg


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