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Mitox 28PP Pole Pruner

£279.00 £229.00

The Mitox 28PP Pole Pruner features an advanced pruner head with a 10″ pruning chainsaw with an innovative articulated head and the 1m extension supplied allows you to trim branches up to approximately 5m (16ft) in height safely without the use of a ladder.


Long Reach
Long Reach means high limbs and branches can be pruned back safely without the use of a ladder.

This machine has been fitted with important anti-vibration system which dramatically reduce levels of vibration, meaning the machine will be more comfortable to use for longer.

Advanced Features
All Mitox machines have advanced features, normally only found on more expensive machines.

Technical Data

Engine Mitox® Air Cooled 2-Stroke
Displacement 25.4cc
Power Output 0.75kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.65 litres
Fuel / Oil Mixture 40:1
Bar Length 10 in Oregon
Chain, Pitch Inches Oregon 91, 3/8″
Gauge 0.50″
Dry Weight 6.1kg (excl bar & chain)
Overall Length 2.11m (excl 1m extenstion)
Warranty 3 Year Domestic (T&C’s apply)


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