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Mitox 28MT-a Select 5in1 Petrol Multi-Tool

£399.00 £319.00

The new Mitox 28MT 5in1 Petrol Multi-Tool offers a step up in quality and functionality to the 26MT-SP. The 28MT garden Multi-Tool package is supplied with an advanced  58cm Hedgetrimmer attachment providing 180 degrees of articulation, nylon bump feed grass trimmer head, 3 tooth HD tri-blade brushcutter blade, advanced pruner attachment and a 1 meter quick fit extension for extra height.


Quick Fit Extension

The 28MT 5in1 garden multi-tool paackage includes a Quick Fit 980mm extension tube for an easy increase in working length, which has its own vibration reducing rubber grip.

Improved Hedge Trimmer attachment

The hedge trimmer attachment included with the new 28MT multi tool has a longer 58cm blade and a full 180 degree of articulation including a fully folded storage position.

New Adjustable Pruner Attachment

The new 10″ advanced pruner attachment allows the pruning head to be adjusted through 7 different positions. The quality orgon cutting chain ensures optimal cutting performance.

Technical Data

Engine Type Mitox 2-Stroke
Displacement 25.4cm3
Power Output 0.75kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.65 litres
Handle Type Loop
Metal Blade 3 tooth HD tri-blade
Trimmer Line Ø 2.0 mm
Fuel / Oil Mixture 40:1
Blade Length 580mm (Hedgetrimmer)
Guide Bar Length 250mm – 10”
Coupling Aluminium
Dry Weight 4.6kg (Power Unit)
Type Complete Kit
Warranty 3 Year Domestic Warranty  Subject to T & C’s


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