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Masport Olympic 660 26″ Cylinder Mower

£1,339.00 £1,239.00

  • Briggs & Stratton OHV 50 163cc IC Engine
  • High Quality Striped Finish
  • Multi Section Front Roller
  • 6 Bladed Cylinder – 112 Cuts/m
  • 85 Litre Steel Catcher
  • Height of Cut 7-30mm
  • 3 Years Domestic Warranty


The Masport Olympic 660 is equipped with a split steel rear-roller and a multi-section front-roller for a classic ‘Wimbledon’-style striped effect. It has a variable height-of-cut, which can be set as low as 7mm, giving a beautifully neat, manicured finish.

Solidly built using only top-quality components, the Masport Olympic 660 is constructed around a robust steel chassis and has been designed to give years of trouble-free service. Its highly effective six-blade cylinder is independently controlled via a centrifugal clutch, so it can be disengaged with the engine running – ideal when emptying the grass-collector and when moving from site to site.

This premium cylinder mower also features a split-differential rear-roller, which minimises the possibility of turf damage and maximises manoeuvrability. A very generous 70-litre catcher significantly reduces the frequency of emptying-breaks.


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