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Masport Lawn Edger

£489.00 £449.00

  • 3.5HP 127cc B&S Engine
  • 24cm/9.5″ Bar Blade
  • Ten Position Height Control
  • Cutting Range: 4cm Above Ground to 6.5cm Below Ground
  • 15cm/6″ Front and 20cm Rear 8” Ball Bearing Wheels
  • Fold Down Handles with OPC Controls with Added “Lockout” Feature to Prevent Accidental Operation


The Masport petrol lawn edger achieves neat and tidy lawn and path edges with ease. The double front wheels and a wide stance design ensure the edger is very stable, making it easy to use and enabling the user to be more precise with their edging. The ten position height control, adjustable from the operating position, and large cutting range allows for different height settings for a variety of purposes

Technical Data

  • 3.5HP, 127cc B&S 550 Series Engine
  • 240mm/9.5″ Bar Blade
  • 10 Position Height Control
  • Cutting Range to 6.5cm
  • 6″ Front & 8″ Rear Ball bearing Wheels



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