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Masport 575 AL SP 18″ Self Propelled Combo

£599.00 £549.00

  • Briggs & Stratton 163cc Engine
  • Steel 46cm/18” deck
  • Quick Cut Blade
  • Plastic 46L Catcher
  • Single Self Speed Propelled
  • Single Lever Height Adjustment
  • Deck Washport
  • Ergo Adjustable Cam Locks


The Masport 575AL SP Combo Lawnmower is a sturdy aluminium decked 46cm self propelled machine.

It features a quick cut blade system and smartchute. The smartchute features enable the operator to switch easily from collecting, to side or rear discharge of the cuttings.

Masport Quick Cut blade carrier with swing back blades.

Swing blades as standard on this Masport mower and protect main shaft against accidental impacts. These swing blades are free to pivot and therefore last longer than bar blades as impacts are deflected as the blades swing back.

 As the blades hit an object they swing back and deflect the main impact and are therefore far less likely to throw stones etc making them safer to both people and property.

 Blades that NEVER need sharpening.

 Another advantage of the Masport swing back blade system is that because the blade carrier carries the weight of the blades, the blades themselves can be much thinner and as they are hardened steel too they therefore NEVER NEED SHARPENING.

 Masport swing back blades are cheap to replace as you are only replacing the tips and not the whole heavy blade bar as on other mowers without this system.


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