Makita EA3201S35B 32cc 14″ Chainsaw

£307.20 £199.00

  • Makita 32cc 2-Stroke Engine
  • Tool-less Chain Adjustment
  • Compact design & Lightweight
  • High Power-to-Weight
  • Advanced Vibration Dampening
  • Large Fuel and Oil Tank Openings with S-form caps
  • 3 Years Domestic Warranty


The Makta EA3201S35B is an entry class Chain Saw with catalytic converter and anti-vibration design and an environmentally friendly 2 stroke 32cc engine. Light and compact, this small modern chainsaw has it all. Noise and emissions are as low as possible and with a powerful 32cc engine it has the grunt to tackle big logs. Nimble and manoeuvrable for tight spaces. Light enough to operate for long periods without fatigue.


  • Environmentally friendly 2-Stroke engine with Catalytic muffler to comply with all current exhaust emission regulations
  • On/off choke combination switch with automatic half throttle lock
  • Intelligent ignition coil controls stable idling increases output power at practical RPM range with engine overrun protection
  • Accumulated electric energy charge system allows easier re-starting
  • Rapid start pull force required to start the machine is drastically reduced with spring-assisted recoil starter
  • Tool less tension adjustment of saw chain
  • Adjustable oil pump
  • Fleece air filter for higher resistance to dust ingress
  • Touch and stop switch a light touch on the switch stops the engine, and the switch returns automatically to the start position, eliminating flooding of the carburettor

Technical Data

Engine Makita 2-Stroke
Cubic Capacity 32cc
Bar Size 35cm / 14″
Horsepower 1.0hp
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.3 litres
Oil Tank Capacity 0.2 litres
Chain Type/Pitch 3/8″ / 0.050″
Net Weight 6kg
Total Shipping Weight 6kg


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