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Husqvarna TR430 DL Rear Tine Tiller

£1,100.00 £990.00

  • Handlebar mounted gear selector
  • Reverse gear
  • Working width of 43cm
  • Kohler engine


When faced with heavy duty soil cultivation work in larger allotments, smallholdings or nurseries, or when preparing large areas of ground for grass seeding or turf laying, it is very unlikely you’ll want to find yourself stuck out in the mud with nothing but a hoe in hand for hours on end. Under such circumstances what you need is a machine like Husqvarna’s TR430; a rugged, powerful rear-tine cultivator designed for home and landowners working on densely packed earth and older lawns.
The TR430 receives power from an impressively industrious 169cc Subaru EX17 four-stroke petrol engine. Featuring a chain-driven overhead cam design which offers superior power and performance, this engine is reliably smooth running and utilises dual ball bearing crankshaft support for maximum stability under demanding loads. Moreover, with a high capacity 3.4 litre fuel tank and a pent-roof combustion chamber included as standard to improve fuel efficiency you will be able to work for longer without having to stop and refuel.
The 3.2Kw provided by the engine powers both the TR430’s drive system and the four robust counter-rotating tiller discs at the rear of the machine. The drive system features a two-speed gearbox with forward and reverse gears to help ensure manoeuvrability, combining with the TR430’s large powered wheels and heavy tyre treads for outstanding control at all times. The counter-rotating tiller blades, moreover, offer a working width/depth of 43cm/15cm and bite into the ground as the drive wheels pull the machine forward, offering exceptional deep digging performance and breaking up even densely packed soil. A seven-step height adjustable tine shield, meanwhile, deflects spray and stones thrown up by the blades to keep you safe and comfortable while you work.
Further convenience is provided via the TR430’s height adjustable, comfort grip handlebar, which offers quick and easy access to all controls to help make using this powerful machine pleasingly intuitive. A counterweight at the front, moreover, provides a simple yet effective way of further enhancing ease of use, with the extra weight on the wheels increasing stability and helping to ensure safe operation. Sturdily made for a long and reliable service life, this superb machine is therefore perfect for landowners and semi-professional users alike and offers an exceptional way of tackling heavier soil cultivation workloads quickly and efficiently.


Two gears
One gear forward and one reverse, for easy operation.

Counter-rotating tines
Tines rotate anti-clockwise, so the soil is broken up very well. Capable of deep-digging heavy soil or preparing the surface for a seed bed.

Driven wheels with chevron tires
Large wheels with heavy treads for optimised grip.

Increases weight on the wheels and improves balance.


Tine diameter
330 mm
Working depth
16.51 cm
Working width
43 cm
Cultivator type
Number of tines
Depth adjustment steps
Tyre size
406 mm
107.5 kg

Reverse gearbox
Chevron tyres
Horizontally adjustable handlebar
Foldable handlebar
Handlebar-mounted gear selection
Detachable transmission
Drag bar
Transmission type
Transmission steps forward
Transmission steps reverse

Cylinder displacement
196 cm³
Rotational speed
190 rpm
Motor/engine manufacturer
Engine name


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