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Honda Versatool Trimmer/Brush Cutter Attachment (SSBC)

£167.00 £125.25

Grass trimmer attachment for the Honda Versatool, ideal for making light work of hard to reach areas and undergrowth


The grass trimmer attachment for the Honda Versatool combines a reinforced nylon head with tap and go line extension to make light work of any unkempt undergrowth and hard to reach areas.

  • It features an ergonomically designed easy grip loop handle,
  • It is designed for cutting and clearing,
  • It makes lawn maintenance a breeze,
  • The deep debris guard offers user protection from clippings and other hazards,
  • The durable nylon cutter head makes light work of even the most stubborn grasses and weeds.

A separate blade kit attachment can be purchased to turn this grass trimmer into a brush cutter.


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