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Honda HRX426PD 17” Rotary Mower

£615.00 £499.00

60 litre grass bag
Durable Deck
43cm cutting width
adjustable cutting height in 6 postions


The Honda HRX 426 PD lawn mower is a 42 cm (17″) push machine ideal for the smaller garden. It’s powered by the innovative Honda GCV160 engine that is mounted to the ultra durable Honda Polystrong cutter deck. It’s lightweight, powerful incredibly easy to manoeuvre.
The Honda HRX426PD lawn mower is powered by an OHC 4-stroke Honda GCV160 160 cc engine which provides high power and torque as well as incredible durability. Being a 4-stroke engine, this model is environmentally friendly with fewer emissions, neighbourhood friendly with low noise levels, and economically friendly with lower fuel consumption.
Featuring a Polystrong® deck, it is not only durable but also rust-proof. It is a strong, robust material yet very lightweight reducing the overall weight of the machine to 31.5 kg, making it much easier to handle.
The 8″ wheels have a new tread design which provides a much softer compound material for a more steady operation.
The fully functional folding handles mean that you can easily store the HRX 426 PD in the garden shed without having to worry about storage space.
The Honda HRX 426 PD has a 4-in-1 cutter deck height adjustment system with 6 heights of cut ranging from 25 to 78 mm, giving the user the option of choosing their preferred grass height.
The large 60 litre grass bag means less trips to empty whilst you mow. It also the ability to mulch, and an optional mulch kit can be purchased separately.

Technical Info

Power Source Petrol
Power Details OHC 4-stroke Honda GCV160 160 cc
Transmission Push type
Starting Method Recoil
Design Wheeled
Cutter Deck Polymer
Cutting Width 43 cm
Cutting Heights 25 – 78 mm
Number Cutting Heights 6
Propulsion Hand Pushed
Collector 60 litres
Noise Value – Sound Power Level dB(A) 94
Weight 31.5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,470 x 480 x 995 mm


Polystrong® Deck

The cutter deck made from Polystrong®/ Xenoy®. It’s harder and tougher than a rhinoceros, but a lot easier to handle. Specially developed by Honda for HRX lawn mowers, it is created as one complete and super-smooth unit, designed to improve the mower’s collecting performance. It’s so much lighter too, which makes the HRX easier to handle. This special cutter deck is light, resistant to UV rays, and will not rust. It also contributes to keeping the noise level low while in use and because the grass cuttings have less chance of sticking to it compared to steel or alloy, it’s easy to keep clean.

Safety and Performance

Blade efficiency and strength are important, but safety levels need to be maintained too. If a blade breaks or becomes unbalanced it can be a danger. These blades are designed to twist, not break, if you’re unlucky enough to hit a solid obstacle while mowing. This Honda innovation not only increases safety, it will also prevent further damage to the engine and the cutter deck.

The Perfect Height

For a greener lawn you have to get the cut spot on. You should only cut a blade of grass one third of its length for healthier growth. The adjustment is easy with the HRX 426 PD mower. Simply take hold of the handle and press the release button. You can then lower or raise the deck evenly over all four wheels for an accurate cut. Once you’ve got the height absolutely right for the length of cut your lawn will start to look and feel much better, for longer. There’s another benefit to this too – you won’t be constantly stopping and emptying the bag by cutting more than you actually need to.

Free Flowing Air

All HRX mowers have high airflow collection bags and dust covers. Airflow is generated within the cutter deck by the rotating blades. Air is drawn into the cutter deck and directed through to the collection bag taking all the grass clippings with it. This is important for the collecting process, with the increased air pressure being directed through to the collecting bag at the rear, taking the grass cuttings with it.

Honda created a special material for our collection bags that’s ultra-fine. It maximises the collecting process without affecting the airflow. An additional dust cover stops even the finest dust particles from getting through. You won’t find a cleaner and more efficient method anywhere else.

A Stronger Hold

HRX mowers have a quick and easy-to-release handle height adjustment. Mowing for a long time with your hands and arms held too high or too low can be a pain in the neck. For better comfort, there’s a simple hand adjustment that allows you to position the handles to suit your height. No tools needed – just set them to your height and away you go. The handles fold neatly down when not in use, and are attached to the cutter deck via an innovative Honda design. They will not flex while you’re using them and they take up very little space in storage.


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