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Honda HHB 25E 4-Stroke Handheld Blower

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  • 4-stroke 25cc OHC Honda GX engine
  • 600m3/h at a speed of 70m/s Airflow rate
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Compact and Lightweight design


There are few things that the people at Honda enjoy more than blazing trails, pushing envelopes and breaking new ground. They sometimes even do all three at once, which is more difficult than it might sound (the blazing trails always make the envelopes catch fire, and its hard to push a burning envelope over broken ground). There are few better or more practical examples of this passion for innovation than Honda’s clever mini four-stroke engines, offering all the power of a two-stroke engine along with the reduced noise and particle emissions of a four-stroke.

It is this technology which allows Honda’s HHB25E, a compact petrol powered leaf blower ideal for clearing leaves and other loose debris from all lawns and hard surfaces, to perform to professional levels while also offering greater convenience, increased fuel efficiency and reduced service requirements compared to a two-stroke blower. The hardworking 25cc GX25T engine featured in the HHB25E, for example, will easily provide enough power to keep parks, stadiums and streets neat and tidy all year round while also being superbly quiet, clean and user-friendly. The world’s lightest OHC engine, the GX25T is enough in itself to make the HHB25E stand out from the crowd.

Capable of delivering a maximum airflow of up to 600m3/h at a speed of 70m/s, the HHB25E is also fitted with a two-piece nozzle featuring a flattened outlet which concentrates the airflow and makes it easier to work with precision. The two-piece design of the blower tube also means that it can be quickly dismantled, thereby saving space in storage and during transportation. Similarly intelligent design is evident in the inclusion of an adjustable air velocity system and cruise control functionality, as the adjustable air velocity makes it easy to adapt the HHB25E to suit the job at hand and cruise control ensures a steady stream without requiring you to keep the throttle trigger manually depressed.

As you’d expect of a Honda machine, the HHB25E is also designed to ensure hassle-free operation. The 0.58 litre fuel tank, for example, features a wide upright opening to prevent spillages during refuelling, while the recoil starter system is intuitive and helps to ensure quick starting every time. An ergonomically designed comfort grip handle, moreover, combines with the HHB25E’s low weight (4.5kg) and reduced vibration levels to ensure complete comfort and control at all times. Built to Honda’s usual high standards using only the best components available, the HHB25E is thus a brilliantly modern leaf blower ideal for both dedicated home users and professional contractors, handling even challenging clearance work with almost nonchalant ease.

Technical Data

Length (mm) 335
Width (mm) 265
Height (mm) 370
Dry Weight (kg) 4.5
Engine 4-stroke OHC
Engine Displacement (cm³) 25
Engine Model GX25T
Engine net power (kW/rpm) 0.72/7,000
Fuel tank capacity (L) 0.58
Engine oil capacity (L) 0.08
Transmission centrifugal clutch
Noise value – sound power level (dB(A)) 102
Nominal Air Flow (m³/h) 600
Maximum Wind Speed (m/sec) 70
Additional Features Adjustable Air Flow


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