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ECHO SRM265TESL 25.4cc Brushcutter

£485.00 £399.00

Loop Handle
Straight Shaft
High Torque Cutter Head and Gearbox
0.9kW Output
Stage 2 Compliant Low Emission Engine


An ideal tool for light commercial use ECHO’s SRM265TESL Loop Handle Brushcutter with a 25.4cc low emission Easy Start engine is equipped with a High Torque cutter head to provide the same cutting power as larger capacity, heavier machines.
This commercial machine incorporates a loop handle and a double nylon line head as standard. Precise balance and superb build quality ensure longer service and superior performance.
The High Torque cutter head has a 1:2.07 gear reduction ratio to generate outstanding levels of torque – up to 50% more than comparable models. More torque means more cutting power and by installing thicker line, the operator can tackle a wider range of tasks with just one brush cutter. This high torque model features comparatively smaller engines, so the units are lightweight and feature low levels of vibration but they have the cutting performance of higher capacity machines.
The Echo Easy Start system works to minimise the effort required to start the engine with greatly reduced pulling power and no kick-back effect.

Technical Info

  • 25.4cc Easy Start 2-stroke engine
  • 0.9kW Output
  • Stage 2 Compliant Low Emission Engine
  • High Torque Cutter Head and Gearbox
  • Loop Handle
  • Straight Shaft
  • Double Nylon Line Feed Head
  • Grouped Controls
  • 1798mm Length Without Cutting Head
  • 0.50Litre Fuel Tank
  • Vibration 4.9m/s²
  • Weight 5.9 kg (Without Cutting Head or Shield)
  • ECHO power tools come with a five year domestic warranty or a two year warranty in professional use


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