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Bosch Professional GRA 53 21″ Cordless Lawnmower


  • Long life: Robust die-cast aluminium housing
  • Low vibration: Can be used all day for continuous working
  • Emission-free: For pleasant working conditions
  • Twist grip: Convenient, continuously variable drive control
  • Performance: Provides performance equivalent to professional petrol-powered tools with the advantages of innovative battery technology
  • Weatherproof: Can be used all year round
  • Low noise level: Can be used in noise-sensitive areas


Batteries and charger sold separately, please click here

Petrol-burning tools are noisy and produce clouds of toxic exhaust fumes which pollute the environment and damage the health of the user. Petrol tools are also notorious for their high vibration levels, which is a major cause of hand-arm vibration syndrome among commercial contractors and grounds maintenance professionals. But Bosch has dedicated the past few years to developing a viable professional-quality alternative to old-fashioned petrol lawnmowers, resulting in the cordless GRA 53 Professional, so the hazards of using a petrol lawnmower over long working days may well now be a thing of the past.

The GRA 53 Professional is quite possibly one of the first battery-powered pedestrian lawnmowers truly capable of competing with petrol equipment when it comes to intensive commercial lawn maintenance applications. It can do this because it is driven via Bosch’s unique EC brushless motor technology and two 36V/6.0Ah lithium-ion batteries. Bosch’s brushless motors, for instance, include fewer moving parts and instead rely on an electronic controller system, so are significantly more efficient than any conventional electric motor. This simplified design also reduces service requirements, decreasing expenses and boosting reliability over the lifetime of your machine.

Bosch’s batteries, meanwhile, are even more impressive; developed from scratch by world-leading engineers, these hi-tech sealed-cell batteries deliver consistently high-torque cutting performance and between 45 and 60 minutes of run time on a single charge (roughly equivalent to a petrol machine on a full tank of petrol). Fitted with aluminium CoolPack cooling fins for a long lifetime (roughly 1,000 charges with no loss of power) and weatherproofed to enable use in all conditions, these batteries will even save you money; re-charging is much cheaper and easier than refuelling, so with five hours of use per day Bosch estimates that the GRA 53 Professional can save you up to £650 a year.

And since these batteries are quick charging too (up to 80% charge within 30 minutes and 100% in 42 minutes) you can rest assured of exceptional convenience; having a spare set charging while one set is in use guarantees uninterrupted mowing, regardless of how expansive the lawn at hand might be. It’s also easy to keep track of the charge level thanks to an integrated LCD screen on each battery, so you will never be caught short and left without power.

More important than any of this, however, is that being battery-powered means that Bosch’s GRA 53 Professional is quieter, cleaner running and boasts lower vibration levels than any comparable petrol lawnmower. A noise level of only 92dB(A), for instance, means the GRA 53 can be used in noise-sensitive areas, such as school grounds and public parks, without risk of causing a disturbance. The absence of exhaust fumes is equally valuable in this respect, reducing your carbon footprint while also allowing you to work without choking on emissions. Even more valuable for those regularly using a lawnmower for long hours is that the GRA 53 Professional features a vibration level of only 1.2m/s, thereby significantly reducing the risk posed by hand-arm vibration syndrome.

Bosch’s GRA 53 Professional is therefore ideally suited to the frequent intensive lawn maintenance work conducted by contractors and grounds maintenance professionals on a daily basis. This is underlined further by the GRA 53’s impressive 53cm (21”) working width and high-airflow 75 litre grass catcher, which enable effective mowing of up to 1,500m2 per hour. The inclusion of centralised height of cut adjustment between 20mm and 70mm, moreover, ensures quality cutting results by allowing you to quickly tailor cutting to the conditions at hand, while an optional mulching kit is available for collection-free mowing which naturally fertilises lawns.

To ensure that heavier workloads don’t become overly taxing, meanwhile, the GRA 53 Professional also features a hardworking self-propulsion system, with smooth speed adjustment between 2.6km/h and 5.0km/h provided via an intuitive twist grip throttle. This makes working in larger areas and on uneven ground much easier, as the motor does the hard work for you (due to the lack of petrol sloshing around in a tank the GRA 53 also guarantees dependable performance even on slopes and steep embankments). Quick-starting and fitted with intuitive bale-bar controls, this outstanding machine thus makes even tough grass cutting work straightforward.

As the GRA 53 Professional has been built specifically for commercial use, it also features an impact- and corrosion-resistant aluminium cutting deck. And since Bosch provide a three year professional warranty – along with a two year premium service available for the 36V/6.0Ah lithium-ion batteries – the GRA 53 Professional will provide years of dependable performance. This machine is therefore an investment in quality that few other lawnmowers can match, so to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition we recommend getting your hands on one of Bosch’s hardworking battery-powered commercial-grade lawnmowers as soon as is practically possible.



  • Driven by two 36V/6.0Ah lithium-ion batteries and Bosch’s bespoke EC brushless motor technology for unbeatable efficiency and professional-quality cutting performance
  • Battery-power ensures half the noise of a petrol lawnmower (92dB(A)) and complete freedom from exhaust fumes to enable operation in sensitive areas
  • Batteries offer between 45 and 60 minutes of run time on a single charge, along with up to a thousand hours of operation with no loss of performance
  • Also featuring a powerful self-propulsion system with forward speed controlled via a conveniently positioned twist grip throttle, offering settings between 2.6km/h and 5.0km/h
  • Featuring a 53cm (21”) working width and a high-airflow 75 litre grass catcher for superb cutting performance on larger lawns; an optional mulching kit is also available
  • Height of cut adjustment between 20mm and 70mm is available via an easy-to-use centralised lever system to ensure precision cutting
  • Intuitive controls and low vibration levels ensure user comfort during extended periods of operation, practically eliminating the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome
  • Weatherproofed battery system and corrosion-resistant aluminium cutting deck combine with Bosch’s three year professional warranty to deliver unbeatable reliability

Technical Data

Battery and power

Battery power 2 x 216 Wh
Voltage/capacity 36 V

Performance data

Cutting width 53 cm
Height-of-cut range 20 – 70 mm
Land drive speed 2,6 – 5,0 km/h
Collection box capacity 75 l
Wheel diameter (F/R) 225/225 mm
Estimated runtime 45-60 minutes (depending on operating conditions)
IP protection type IPX4

Size and weight

Weight 48,0 kg

Noise/vibration information

Measured values determined according to EN 60745. Total vibration values (vector sum of three directions).

Vibration emission value ah 1,2 m/s²
Uncertainty K 1,5 m/s²
Sound pressure level 81 dB(A)
Sound power level 91 dB(A)
Uncertainty K 1 dB


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