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Bosch Professional GFR42 Line Trimmer


Bosch_BI_Icon_IPCertified Bosch_BI_Icon_LowCo2Emission 
Bosch_BI_Icon_LowNoise Bosch_BI_Icon_LowVibration


  • Two-handed grip: Ideal for mowing large areas
  • Low vibration: Can be used all day
  • Emission-free: For pleasant working conditions
  • Bump line feed head: For fast mowing of grass surfaces
  • Performance: The same performance as professional petrol-powered tools with the advantages of innovative battery technology
  • Weatherproof: Can be used all year round
  • Low noise level: Can be used in noise-sensitive areas


Technical Data

Battery Power 216Wh
Cutting Width 42cm
Cutting Tool Mowing head with semi-automatic line feed with mowing line (4.6m x 2.4mm)
Type of Switch Double handle
Estimated Runtime 40-60 minutes (depending on operating conditions)
IP Protection Type IPX4
Weight 6.5kg


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