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Bosch Professional GBA 36 V 6.0 Ah Battery


  • Long lifetime: Robust and durable
  • Integrated LCD display: Essential information at a glance
  • System battery: A battery for all Professional garden equipment
  • Weatherproof: Can be used all year round
  • CoolPack technology: Enables consistently high energy transfer due to aluminium cooling fins
  • High capacity: 36 V 6.0 Ah LI battery


No matter how much of a connoisseur of cordless power tools you might be, we doubt you’ll ever have encountered a battery quite like this one before. The GBA 36V/6.0Ah Professional Battery is the result of years of dedicated research and development at industry-leading tool manufacturers Bosch; designed specifically to enable cordless horticultural tools like the GRA 53 lawnmower and GFR 25 brushcutter to compete with their petrol equivalents, but without the noise, fumes and running costs associated with such equipment.

There are many things which make the GBA 36V/6.0Ah Professional Battery distinct from the batteries typically seen in cordless tools. As well as being long-lasting and dependably powerful, they are also quick charging. When used with the AL 36100 CV Professional Battery Charger (available separately) this means that your Bosch batteries will achieve a charge level of 80% in only 30 minutes and 100% in 42 minutes, which is quicker than they take to discharge in the first place. With a spare set of batteries charging while you work, these batteries therefore guarantee uninterrupted operation regardless of the tool you are currently using.

The GBA 36V/6.0Ah Professional Battery also features an integrated LCD display, which allows you to quickly check the charge levels and plan your working day for efficiency. Innovative CoolPack technology, meanwhile, utilises cooling aluminium fins to ensure a constant flow of energy and boost the battery’s overall working life. Bosch’s hi-tech batteries can therefore be charged approximately 1,000 times with no loss of performance, so over their lifetime they will offer significant savings compared to the cost of refuelling a petrol machine over and over again.

A sealed-cell design, moreover, means that these batteries are completely weatherproofed and suitable for use in all conditions, while also offering impressive impact resistance to further ensure a long service life. With these batteries and Bosch’s Professional garden tool system, then, your old-fashioned petrol equipment will immediately seem like a relic of a barbaric age of noisy engines and toxic exhaust fumes. By comparison, any tool powered by Bosch’s GBA 36V/6.0Ah Professional Battery is better for you, better for those around you and better for the environment. What more could any hardworking professional want?



  • A powerful 36V/6.0Ah lithium-ion battery designed for use with Bosch’s commercial-grade cordless garden tools, including the GRA 53 lawnmower and GFR 25 brushcutter
  • Batteries slot easily into place on Bosch Professional tools to enable quick switching when taking on varied landscape maintenance work
  • Also featuring an integrated LCD display to enable quick checking of the charge level while you work
  • CoolPack aluminium cooling fins help ensure consistent discharge and extend the battery life, allowing them to be recharged around 1,000 times with no loss of power
  • Sealed-cell design ensures that Bosch Professional batteries are suitable for use in all weather conditions and resistant against impact damage
  • Requires use of Bosch’s AL 36100 CV Professional Battery Charger, which ensures a charge of 80% in only 30 minutes and 100% in 42 minutes

Technical Data

Performance data

Rated voltage 36 V
Nominal capacity 6,0 Ah
Nom. energy content 216 Wh
Use In any weather
Breakproof when falling from height of up to 2 m
IP protection type IPX4 / X6
Constant current 40

Size and weight

Weight 2,3 kg


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