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Bosch Isio 3 Cordless Shrub and Grass Shears


  • Multifunctional: the Isio is more versatile than ever before thanks to a new range of “Multi-click” attachments.
  • Compact and lightweight: the ideal shape, size and weight for effortless operation.
  • High endurance and power: lithium-ion battery and “Anti-Blocking System” enable undisturbed work for up to 50 minutes with one battery charge.


The Isio’s cordless and lightweight design, combined with its versatile ‘Multi-Click System’, makes it a must-have for every gardener seeking to do some shearing work around the garden. Armed with a 3.6 V Lithium-ion battery, it delivers a stellar performance for up to 50 minutes while its lightweight design allows for effortless cutting and trimming. Its ‘Anti-Blocking System’ prevents the Isio from stalling, allowing you to go about your gardening work without interruptions. Its compact design also gets rid of the storage nightmare as the tool takes up very little space.

One tool, different tasks
The Isio grass and shrub shear allows you to do different tasks with just one tool.

Thanks to its ‘Multi-Click System’, you can alternate easily between grass shear, shrub shear or the also available sprayer attachment and a telescopic handle, which can be used with both blades. This allows you to do different tasks with just one tool, ending the hassle of using different tools for different jobs. The Isio cordless grass and shrub shear also boasts an ergonomic design and comes with a double-sided soft grip for maximum comfort. Weighing only 550 g, the product is extremely lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre. Its compact design also makes for quick and easy storage


Your essential gardening companion
The Isio grass and shrub shear is designed to tackle various tasks in your garden.

The Isio grass and shrub shear is an impressive multifunctional tool specifically designed to tackle various tasks around your garden. Equipped with a powerful 3.6 V lithium-ion battery, it is able to run efficiently for up to 50 minutes. A LED display lets you know how much battery life is left while you work. Thanks to the ‘Anti-Blocking System’ that ensures that the product won’t stall, you can work without interruption. The grass shear attachment comes with 80 mm wide Swiss-made blades, while the shrub shear has 120 mm long blades.



Versatile and convenient
The 3.6 V Lithium-ion battery of the Isio grass and shrub shear lasts up to 50 minutes.

The cordless Isio grass and shrub shear uses a 3.6 V Lithium-ion battery which yields a session time of up to 50 minutes. It comes with an ‘Anti-Blocking System’ and ‘Multi-Click System’ for easy changing of attachments. It also has a comfortable softgrip for easy handling and a battery status indicator. The shrub blade accessory comes with a blade length of 120 mm with 8 mm tooth opening while the grass blade has a width of 80 mm. The Isio grass and shrub shear comes with the Isio bare tool, a battery charger, a soft bag case, grass shear blade and shrub shear blade.




Technical Data

Battery type Lithium-ion
Battery voltage 3,6 V
Battery capacity 1,5 Ah
Battery runtime up to 50 mins
Battery charge time 3,5 h
Blade length 12 cm (shrub)
Blade width 8 cm (grass)
Tooth spacing 0,8 cm
Weight 550 g


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