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Allett Sandringham 14E 14″ Self Propelled Electric Mower


  • 420W Electric Motor
  • 5 Bladed ‘Quick Cartridge’ Cylinder
  • 32 Litre Plastic Catcher with Compactor
  • Steel Front Roller with Turf Rake
  • Optional Scarifier, Aerator and Lawn Brush cassettes available
  • Height of Cut 6-32mm
  • 2 Years Domestic Warranty


Small is beautiful, and when it comes to domestic lawns, highly respected lawnmower manufacturers Allett want to keep it that way. Allett have devoted years of expertise and excellence to designing and supplying professional mowers across the country, keeping university wickets and the great lawns of the nation green and pleasant. Now they’ve poured some of that heritage and skill into this compact homeowner-use machine. The Allett Sandringham 14E Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower is a self-propelled machine with a cutting-width of 35cm; a combination that means you’ll be able to cover a lawn up to 150m2 quickly and with little energy expended.
The Allett Sandringham 14E is a traditional cylinder mower, utilising the forward spinning motion of five super-sharp blades that work like scissors to create a far neater and more accurate finish than that achievable by a rotary mower. The mains-electric motor featured on the Allett Sandringham 14E is efficient, clean and quiet; requires no maintenance; and produces a substantial 420w. The rear-roller is a heavy, single-section steel unit with smooth rolled edges shaped to produce those classic lawn-stripes; while the front-roller is made from durable zinc-plated steel and is ball-bearing-mounted for a smooth run and superior longevity. Every aspect of the Allett Sandringham is designed to make mowing a pleasurable, relaxed experience rather than a chore, from the easy-to-use dial operated height-of-cut adjustment (offering six heights from 6 up to 32mm,), to the adjustable handlebars, which provide two possible operating heights for optimum operator-comfort. The handlebars are also fitted with a variable-speed controller for enhanced control and flexibility of use.
The handlebars are fully folding, so storage and transport are made simple; and the mower comes with 23-metres of cable, so you can get to the far reaches of your lawn without problem. An innovative adjustable rake is featured as part of the cutting-action of this lawnmower. Operating before the cut, this will remove dead material, thatch, moss and other debris to assist the cutting process and make it even smoother.
An optional scarifying cartridge can be fitted, enabling you to thoroughly invigorate your lawn, improving aeration and nutrition.
Every Allett mower comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labour, and every single machine is manufactured in Great Britain.

Technical Data

Applications 230V electric cylinder mower
Width of Cut 35cm (14″)
Engine 230V 420Watt with thermal cut out
Cutting Cylinder Cylinder
Cutting Height 6mm – 32mm (1/4″ to 1 1/4″)
Height-of-cut adjustment Dial – five pre-set heights and one for scarifying. 9, 13, 18, 25, 32mm. (‘S’ position = 0mm scarifying, 6mm mowing)
Handles Two height positions plus folding
Grassbox Polypropylene with clippings compactor. 32 litre
Cartridge System Aerator, Lawn Brush and Scarifier cartridge
Rear Roller Yes
Turf Rake Yes – adjustable
Weight 28kg (61.6lb)
Warranty Two-year parts and labour
Number Of Blades Five-blade ‘Quick Cartridge’ cylinder
Working Width 52cm (20.5″)
Product Overview A 420W mains-electric self-propelled cylinder mower designed for keen gardeners with smaller lawns. Comes with a five-bladed Qc (Quick Cartridge) precision cutting cylinder. Cutting width 35cm (14”) Optional Qc scarifier available for thatch removal and lawn renovation can be interchanged quickly with the cutting cartridge. Optional extra Qc aerator and lawn brush also available and interchanged quickly. Adjustable static turf rake fitted as standard for improved cutting performance and lawn finish. Simple, five-position hand-dial adjustment of cutting heights between 6-32mm (1/4”-1 ¼”) to suit the season and grass growth conditions. Motor fitted with thermal protection. Comes with a two year parts and labour warranty.
Noise Value 96dB(A)


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