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Allett Lawn Grooming Brush Cartridge


Available for 14″, 17″ and 20″ models


If you notice small mounds of soil littering your lawn, it’s time to use the Lawn Brush.

These mounds (or ‘worm casts‘) are left by earthworms that live in the root zone of the soil.

The Lawn Brush effectively disperses and removes these lawn casts and other debris such as fallen leaves, twigs, grass clippings or litter using a rotating brush mechanism that brushes up the debris to be deposited in the grass box/ collection hopper.

Make sure to set the brush height correctly in relation to the height of your lawn, so that the optimal amount of debris is picked up. Ideally, the brushes should sit approximately half an inch below the top of the grass. This should be carried out as regularly as possible to reduce the amount of debris spoiling your lawn.

The Lawn Brush is useful for covering renovating seed material, or to work in top dressing.

This attachment comes in 14″, 17″ and 20″ and will fit either the Classic or Kensington range of Allett Mowers.





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