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Allett Kensington 17B 17″ Cylinder Mower


  • Kawasaki 98cc Engine
  • 6 Bladed Cylinder – 79 Cuts/m
  • 62 Litre Plastic Catcher
  • ‘Quick-Cassette’ available extras
  • Height of Cut 6-32mm
  • Stepless micro-adjust knob
  • Steel Front Roller with Turf Rake
  • 2 Years Domestic Warranty


Allett’s five decades of experience designing high quality walk-behind cylinder lawnmowers have gained them a reputation for reliability and an undisputed place as a market leader in the manufacture of top-class garden machinery. Investing in a machine from the Kensington range of petrol mowers, including the 14K, 17K and 20K, is therefore an investment in precision engineering and commitment to quality that any gardener who takes pride in his or her lawn would be well-advised to make.
The Kensington 17K is a self-propelled cylinder mower powered by a 98cc Kawasaki four-stroke petrol engine and fitted as standard with a six-blade “Quick Cartridge” cutting cylinder capable of delivering up to 79 cuts per metre. This array produces a scissor-like cutting action which cuts grass cleanly, allowing your lawn to heal more quickly and providing a pristine finish. For an even finer surface finish, an optional ten-blade cutting cylinder (available separately) slots quickly and easily in place of the standard six-blade cassette, increasing the clip rate to around 131 cuts per metre. The 17K also features front and rear stainless steel rollers for an enhanced striped effect and to improve the stability and manoeuvrability of the machine. Moreover, the cut height can be set with precision to any height between 6mm and 32mm depending on the condition of your lawn, while the inclusion of an adjustable grass rake behind the front roller boosts performance by teasing lateral grass upright before it is cut.
All of the petrol mowers in Allett’s Kensington range can be quickly and easily fitted with a scarifier cartridge. The scarifier cassette is of particular value in spring and autumn, as it allows for the removal of leaf litter and other vegetable matter from the surface of your lawn. The British manufactured Kensington 17K also comes with Allett’s two-year warranty on parts and labour, providing additional peace of mind for owners of this durable and efficient machine. Allett’s Kensington 17K is a top class lawnmower by any standards, ideal for anyone seeking to achieve a manicured finish on their lawn.

Technical Data

Lawn Size Up to 280 sq m
Applications General purpose, ornamental and prestige domestic lawns
Width of Cut 17″ (43.2cm)
Power Source 98cc. Kawasaki petrol engine
Drive Method Self-Propelled
Cutting Cylinder Six-blade
Cutting Height ¼” – 1¼” (6mm-32mm)
Height-of-cut adjustment Stepless micro-adjust knob
Handles Dual bale bar for separate cylinder and rear roller drive. Throttle lever
Grassbox 62 litre
Cartridge System Yes
Options Qc 10-bladed cutting unit and Qc scarifier unit, both quickly interchangeable with the standard cutting unit
Rear Roller Double section steel with rolled edges and geared differential drive
Front Roller Zinc plated steel with bearings
Turf Rake Yes-adjustable
Engine Start Recoil
Weight 112lb (51kg)
Warranty Two-year parts and labour
Product Overview This four-stroke petrol-engined cylinder mower is recommended for keen home gardeners with lawns of up to 350 sq metres.
Comes in three cutting widths, all with six-bladed precision cutting cylinders and an adjustable static turf rake for removing thatch/moss and standing up lateral grasses.
The standard six-bladed Qc (Quick Cartridge) cutting unit can be interchanged quickly with an optional Qc 10-bladed unit or a powered scarifier.


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