Lawn Mowers

Allett Dethatcher Cartridge


Available for 14″, 17″ and 20″ models


Boasting wider spaced, thicker tines the Dethatcher is the most aggressive cartridge and penetrates the soil to a maximum depth of 6mm.

For lawns in serious disarray, the Dethatcher removes the densest layers of thatch effectively.

The machine works by rigorously penetrating the soil’s surface in order to pick up and remove layers of thatch such as dead grass and leaves, plant stolons and weed growth. Lawns grow healthier, thicker and more luscious once this has been removed as it its less susceptible to disease. Lawns that are more susceptible to disease encourage moss growth which should be avoided.

Removal of excessive thatch and moss enables more water, air and nutrients to absorb into the soil to be provided to the grass root, and should be carried out at least once a year in late Spring or Autumn.

This attachment comes in 14″, 17″ and 20″ and will fit either the Classic or Kensington range of Allett Mowers.




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