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Allett Classic 17L 17″ Cylinder Mower


  • Loncin 87cc Engine
  • 5 Bladed Cylinder
  • 40 Litre Plastic Catcher
  • Optional Scarifier Cassette
  • Height of Cut 6-32mm
  • Five position dial-a-height
  • 1 Years Domestic Warranty


Since 1965, Allett have been refining the art of creating high quality, single-cylinder, walk-behind mowers. You can experience this heritage for yourself in the perfect striped finish left on a lawn mown with the 17L petrol cylinder lawnmower from Allett’s Classic Range. The Classic 17L takes Allett’s expertise, evident in the immaculate striped lawns of public parks and country estates across the United Kingdom, Ireland and continental Europe, and places it in a compact and easy-to-use machine suitable for creating an immaculate finish on lawns of up to 250 square metres.
The Classic 17L is fitted with a five-blade “Quick Cartridge” cutting cylinder, producing sixty-six cuts per metre. The scissor-like cutting action produced by the cylinder system provides a cleaner cut than mowers which use a rotary blade system, which in turn improves the finish achieved and helps to protect your lawn from disease and fungal infection, as well as promoting thicker growth. The mower also features adjustable cutting heights, ranging from 6mm-32mm, controlled via the “dial-a-height” hand-dial conveniently located on the side of the cutting unit. As with all mowers in Allett’s Classic range, the 17L can also be fitted with a scarifier cartridge (available separately) in place of the original five-blade unit, which means that the mower can also be used to remove thatch and matted vegetable matter from your lawn during the spring and autumn months.
The 17L has a cutting width of 43.2cm, and the front polyethylene roller and single-section steel rear roller work together to produce the iconic striped finish associated with fine cylinder mowers, as well as to protect your lawn and to provide extra stability. The Classic 17L also features an 87cc Loncin four-stroke air-cooled petrol engine with a traditional recoil start system, which powers both the self-propelled drive system and the cutting unit, offering excellent performance while producing minimal noise and emissions.

Technical Data

Lawn Size Up to 250 sq m
Applications General purpose and ornamental domestic lawns
Width of Cut 17″ (43.2cm)
Power Source 87cc. Loncin petrol engine
Drive Method Self-Propelled
Cutting Cylinder Five-blade
Cutting Height ¼” – 1¼” (6mm-32mm)
Height-of-cut adjustment Five position dial-a-height
Handles Dual bale bar for separate cylinder and rear roller drive. Throttle lever
Grassbox 40 litre
Cartridge System Yes
Options Qc scarifier unit quickly interchangeable with standard cutting unit
Rear Roller Single section steel with rolled edges
Front Roller Polyethylene
Turf Rake No
Engine Start Recoil
Weight 91lb (41.5kg)
Warranty One-year parts and labour
Product Overview A self-propelled mower powered by an economical four-stroke petrol engine producing low levels of noise and emissions.
Available in a choice of two cutting widths, bringing an exceptional cut to smaller lawns while being easy also to handle and manoeuvre.
Fitted as standard with a five-bladed Qc (Quick Cartridge) precision cutting cylinder, quickly interchangeable with an optional Qc scarifier unit.


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