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Allett Classic 12E 12″ Push Cylinder Mower


  • 340W Electric Motor
  • 5 Bladed Cylinder
  • 32 Litre Plastic Catcher
  • Optional Scarifier Cassette
  • Height of Cut 6-32mm
  • Five position dial-a-height
  • 1 Years Domestic Warranty


With almost fifty years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision, single-cylinder, walk-behind mowers, Allett’s mowers are widely used to maintain the iconic striped finish familiar from the pitches of sporting venues and the lawns of public parks and country estates throughout the UK, Ireland and continental Europe. Allett Classic 12E plus allows you to achieve this same attractive effect on a domestic scale, creating the perfect ornamental lawn for your garden.

With a cutting width of 30.5cm, and weighing only 21.7kg, the Classic 12E plus is compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable, making it easy to navigate around borders and ornaments, even on smaller lawns. However, with a cable length of 22.5 metres, the 12E can also be used to maintain medium sized lawns (up to seventy-five square metres) without requiring an extension cord. The adjustable handlebars, with two height positions to suit your needs, which also fold away to allow for convenient storage, also enhance ease of use. Furthermore, the front-mounted 32-litre polypropylene grass collector is durable and easy to access.

The Classic 12E plus uses a five-blade “Quick Cartridge” cylinder to cut grass with a scissor-like action, offering a cleaner cut which promotes healthier lawn growth and helps prevent diseases and fungal infections. The 12E plus has a cutting height range of 6mm-32mm, adjustable via the easily accessible five position “dial-a-height” hand-dial located on the side of the cutting deck. All mowers in Allett’s Classic range can also be easily fitted with a scarifier cartridge (available separately) in place of the original five-blade unit, which can be deployed in order to remove thatch and detritus from grass during spring and autumn. With a 230V electric motor capable of delivering 420W of power to the cutting cylinder, along with front and rear rollers, the Classic 12E plus is perfect for achieving an impeccable striped finish on the lawns of small urban gardens.

Moreover, the 12E plus comes with the peace of mind offered by Allett’s one-year warranty on parts and labour. The British manufactured Allett Classic 12E plus is therefore a perfect introduction to the world of cylinder mowers, and will leave your ornamental lawn with the exquisite striped finish you have always desired.

Technical Data

Lawn Size Up to 75 sq m
Applications General purpose and ornamental domestic lawns
Width of Cut 30cm (12″)
Power Source 230V electric cylinder mower
Engine 230V 420W with thermal cut out
Drive Method Push
Cutting Cylinder Five-blade ‘Quick Cartridge’ cylinder
Cutting Height 6mm – 32mm (1/4″ to 11/4″)
Height-of-cut adjustment Dial – five pre-set heights and one for scarifying. 9, 13, 18, 25, 32mm. (S position = 0mm scarifying, 6mm mowing)
Handles Two height positions plus folding
Grassbox Polypropylene. 32 litre
Cartridge System Yes
Options Qc scarifier unit quickly interchangeable with standard cutting unit
Rear Roller Single section steel with rolled edges
Front Roller Polyethylene
Turf Rake No
Engine Start n/a
Weight 21.7kg (48lb)
Warranty One-year parts and labour
Working Width 48cm (19″)
Product Overview A compact, lightweight 420W mains-electric push cylinder mower ideal for bringing a close, precision finish to smaller domestic lawns. Comes with a five-bladed Qc (Quick Cartridge) precision cutting cylinder as standard. Cutting width 30cm (12”) Optional extra Qc scarifier cartridge available for thatch removal and lawn renovation can be interchanged quickly with the cutting cartridge. Simple, five-position hand-dial adjustment of cutting heights between 6-32mm (1/4”-1 ¼”) to suit the season and grass growth conditions. Motor fitted with thermal protection.
Noise Value 96dB(A)


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