Petrol Scarifiers and Aerators


AL-KO Comfort 38P Aerator/Scarifier

£359.00 £329.00

  • 38cm scarifying width
  • 55 litre collection box
  • 37cm lawn raking cassette.
  • Reiliable petrol engine


The AL-KO 38 P petrol powered lawn scarifier is perfect to use in medium sized gardens to help achive a healthy green lawn.

Powered by the AL-KO 144 F petrol engine, you are free to scarfy areas of lawn away from an electricity supply for extra freedom.

Featuring the 3INONE function for Scarifying, Lawn Raking and Collecting, the 38P is easy to use and changing the scarifying and lawnraking cassettes is a simple process and does not require any tools.

The working height adjustment dial on the body of the machine enables the scarifier cassette to be set at 5 different operating heights to ensure the blades are just touching the ground to avoid damage to the grass roots and the blades becoming worn too quickly.

The lawnraking cassette features 24 spring tines which effectively remove moss and thatch from the lawn which can prevent the growth of new grass.

Spring and Autumn is the best time of year to scarify/aerate your lawn as this is a rigorous process where the blades make slits in the surface of the soil allowing light, nutrients and water to access the grass roots. Occasional lawnraking through the summer months can also be beneficial as this process is more gentle to the grass.

The large 55 litre collector ensures there is no debris left on your lawn once you have finished.

The height adjustable handle bar ensures the user is comfortable during use and also allows the machine to be compact during storage whilst the smooth underside of the body is smooth for easy cleaning of the sacrifier / lawnraker.


Scarifying or RakingScarifying or Raking
The roller change does not require tools, so it is simple to change from the scarifier roller with 3-stage steel blades to the lawnrake roller with efficient steel spring tines – complete lawn care in one machine.
The Right Working Depth, AlwaysThe Right Working Depth, Always
Five-stage working depth adjustment with just one hand motion. This is important because the blades should just touch the ground when scarifying, in order to avoid them wearing down unnecessarily quickly and to avoid damaging the grass roots.
Optimum Work HeightOptimum Work Height
The height-adjustable handlebar allows fatigue-free working and easy operation. In addition, the implement can be stored away compactly.

Technical Data

Working Width (lawnraking) 37 cm
Working Width (scarifying) 38 cm
Operating Type petrol
Box Volume in Litres 55 l
Displacement in cc 53ccm
Power kW 1.3
Lawn Rake 24 Steel Spring Tines
Cutter Deck Plastic PP
Motor AL-KO 144 F
For Lawns (in m²) 1,200
Depth Adjustment Central, 5-stage
r/min 6,100
Scarifier 14 Steel Blades
Weight in kg approx 20



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