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Stiga Multiclip 50 48cm Push Mulching Lawnmower

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The Multiclip 50 hand-propelled mulching mower powered by the Stiga SA 45 OHV 140cc engine. Robust steel chassis and ball bearing wheels. Mulching the clippings instead of collecting will get the job done around 30% quicker than a conventional mower. A 48cm/19″ cut makes this machine suitable for larger gardens up to 50m x 50m. The Stiga Multiclip 50 hand-propelled mulching lawnmower is powered by the Stiga SA 45 OHV 140cc engine and has a robust steel chassis with a powder coated finish and ball bearing wheels for smoother running. Mulching is the easiest way to cut your grass and the innovative blade and deck design also makes the lawnmower quieter. The Stiga multiclip system cuts and recuts the grass into tiny pieces that simply wilt away, returning valuable nutrients to the soil to encourage beautiful green growth. You don’t need to rake up the clippings or empty a collector, which means you can cut the grass about 30% faster compared to a collecting mower. A large 48cm/19″ cutting deck with a choice of 5 heights of cut ranging from 31-75mm operated by 4 levers, ensures an excellent finish on your lawn. The Multiclip 50 comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and is suitable for larger sized gardens up to 50m x 50m.

Technical Data

  • Starting Method: Recoil
  • Engine Brand: Stiga
  • Engine Type: SA45 OHV
  • Engine Capacity: 140cc
  • Net Power Output: 2.22kW @ 2900rpm
  • Cutting Width: 48cm /19″


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