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Bosch ART 26-18Li Cordless Grass Trimmer


  • Innovative Durablade cutting system: lasts for up to twelve times longer than predecessor blade, ensures interruption-free cutting and delivers a perfect cutting result.
  • Lithium-ion technology: short charge times, no self-discharge, no memory effect, maximum freedom of movement.
  • Effortless handling: longer adjustable auxiliary handle, new pushbutton for height adjustment and switching to edging function – all can be set with a click.


The ART 26-18 Li cuts gardening jobs down to size

The Bosch ART 26-18 Li trimmer offers gardeners the possibility to simplify trimming jobs and transform gardening chores into enjoyable activities. The ART 26-18 Li provides the best cutting action in its class thanks to the highly durable blade system and the long-lasting Lithium-ion battery pack, which keeps the blade performing at optimum cutting levels throughout the whole job. Powerful, yet lightweight, the ART 26-18 Li trimmer offers full control thanks to its thoughtful design and intelligent one-button functions.

Designed with usability in mind

Designed with usability in mind
The ART 26-18 Li helps you get the best results when it comes to trimming and edging.

The ART 26-18 LI trimmer has been designed by Bosch to allow gardeners to accomplish trimming tasks in the easiest and most comfortable way possible. The ART 26-18 LI is engineered to pack top-notch cutting performance into a lightweight and ergonomic frame that accommodates users of all heights. Moreover, the ART 26-18 LI trimmer helps you to get excellent results in the shortest space of time as it provides stable cutting speeds throughout the battery charge to ensure that every inch of your lawn is cut evenly. Additionally, the device comes with the intelligent Syneon Chip which controls perfect interaction between Lithium-Ion battery, powerful motor and robust gearbox.



The ART 26-18 Li lawn trimmer by Bosch

The ART 26-18 Li lawn trimmer by Bosch
The ART 26-18 LI comes with a two-speed system and height adjustment.

The ART 26-18 LI cordless trimmer by Bosch is the most robust cutting system available for experienced and aspiring gardeners who want to keep their lawns looking at their best. The battery-powered ART 26-18 LI features an innovative blade system which allows you to achieve expert results with minimum effort. The trimmer is easy to use: the two-speed system gives you the ability to increase the rotational speed in longer and heavier grass and the height can be adjusted from 80 cm to 115 cm in no time. Thanks to the intelligent Bosch Syneon Chip the battery delivers more runtime so that even complex projects are easy to handle.

A feat of gardening tool engineering

A feat of gardening tool engineering
The ART 26-18 Li weighs only 2.5 kg with the 18V/1.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery in place.

Bosch engineers have designed the ART 26-18 Li trimmer to be the leading tool in its field. The trimmer provides optimal cutting performance for longer thanks to its 18V/1.5 Ah lithium-ion battery pack. With the battery in place, the ART 26-18 Li weighs only 2.7 kg and the set of wheels make it easy to move around. With each step you take, the 26 cm blade system will deliver quick, clean results that give your lawn a neat and healthy appearance.

The right tool for any grass cutting job

No grass trimming job is too big for the ART 26-18 LI trimmer. This powerful cordless grass cutting system by Bosch can effortlessly tackle all types of grass and is especially designed to help you reach difficult spots, such as underneath garden furniture. You can easily change the height of the ART 26-18 LI trimmer by pressing a button and a similar one-click mechanism allows you to seamlessly switch from trimming to edging without stopping you in your tracks.

Technical Data

Battery type Lithium-ion
Compatible battery type Lithium-ion
Battery voltage 18 V
Compatible battery voltage 18 V
Battery charge time 1 h
Cutting diameter 26 cm
Height adjustment 80 – 115 cm
Cutting system Durablade
Weight 2,5 kg


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