• Changes to the BBC Gardening website
    Many of the BBC's factual websites will be changing over the next twelve months. Exciting changes are planned but in the short term, it means that we will no longer be updating some of our existing sites including BBC Gardening Online. You'll still be able to access existing content but ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2012-04-12
  • Happy New Year!
    The Gardening Blog team are taking a short break for a few weeks, but we'll be back later in January. In the meantime, have a very Happy New Year and we wish you all the best for 2012! ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-12-31
  • ‘Tis the Season to be Holly
    ‘The holly and the ivyWhen they are both full-grownOf all the trees that are in the woodThe holly bears the crown’   What would Christmas be without holly? Its red berries bedeck our Christmas puds and liven up the wreaths which hang on our doors: and never mind ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-12-24
  • Winter Flowering Trees and Shrubs
    Prunus x subhirtella 'Fukubana' If you thought there wasn't much to look at outside at this time of year - think again. Dozens of beautiful trees and shrubs are at their colourful best in December and into early spring and here are some of my favourites. Flourishing in the ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-12-19
  • Pruning
    No other part of fruit growing creates more uncertainty and confusion than pruning. Terminology such as renewal pruning, replacement pruning, tip bearers, spur bearers, fruit buds and growth buds abound and cause confusion and trepidation. And that's before the question of winter or summer pruning has been raised. So, as ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-12-16
  • All I want for Christmas
    It's easy to buy a plant for a gardener at Christmas, isn't it? You just pop into a garden centre and buy a bright poinsettia or, if you're really pushing the boat out, a pure white orchid tied primly to an upright cane, its roots creeping weirdly out of a ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-12-11
  • Poinsettias for Christmas
    The poinsettia could have been specially designed for Christmas with its bright-red halo and festive green foliage. However that red halo is not just a pretty face: it's the secret of the poinsettia's popularity. It can last for months because the red halo consists of long-lasting leafy bracts rather than ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-12-08
  • Designing a Winter Garden
    Right, before you read on I'd like you to walk to a window and take a look at your garden. So, what's it look like? Colourful? Full of interest? My garden is neither of these things right now, and has big patches of bare earth, soggy perennials, the odd shrub ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-12-05
  • Tree Dressing
    Decorating Christmas trees is so last year. This weekend, it's all about sprucing up your local spruce (or oak, or beech, or ash). Tree Dressing (Photo: Weald & Downland Open Air Museum) I'm on about National Tree Dressing Day, always held on the first weekend in December, which celebrates ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-12-01
  • Poinsettias
    Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Poinsettia! At least, that's what many of our customers tell us after visiting our annual Poinsettia Walks, now approaching their 15th year. The poinsettia season in fact begins as far back as March, when orders are placed for the oncoming season. Cuttings are taken ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-11-27
  • Dried Flowers for Christmas
    Christmas has arrived again already at Cotehele, and the gardeners are busy putting together our Christmas decorations and really putting the 'd' in decoration! "Last year's garland suspended the whole length of the main hall of the Tudor house at Cotehele." We have a tradition here in Cornwall ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-11-21
  • Night Gardening
    If you work any kind of regular hours, it is easy to feel disconnected from your garden. It has its finest moments when you are stuck in the office. Your flowers are blooming away while you play solitaire over an over-chilled sandwich. The answer is to design your garden around ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-11-17
  • Biodegradable Decorations
    I once had to sit in a yew tree with a smoke machine and press a button at the required moment so that a great bellow of smoke would appear. It was a pretty awful job, as more smoke seemed to come out of the back of ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-11-13
  • Natural Swimming Ponds
    On a cold, frosty morning like today the idea of diving into a cold garden pond for a swim isn't my idea of fun. But these natural swimming ponds are becoming quite popular as people like the idea of swimming in clean, chemical-free water. Perhaps in the summer when the ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-11-09
  • A Drop of Exotica: Water Hyacinths
    Water hyacinth Baby blue flowers rising from gloriously glossy, luxuriously generous leaves make water hyacinths among the most beautiful of all the pond plants you can grow. If you've got a taste for the tropical and your pond is nestled in among exotic Colocasia, canna lilies or bananas, this ... read more
    Source: BBCPublished on 2011-11-06