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When you let grass clippings lie on the lawn after cutting, that’s called mulching. It not only saves you time (no more bagging clippings), but it also saves money (no more lawn waste bags or fees). Grass clippings can provide up to 25 percent of your lawn’s fertilizer needs, so you’ll save some dough on fertilizer, too. You don’t need a specialized mulching mower, although you might want to replace your current mower blade with a mulching blade, which cuts grass into smaller pieces that decompose quickly. Mulching your lawn requires little and often cutting. Cutting no more than a third of the grass length at a time will reduce lumps of grass forming. Many mowers are dedicated mulchers or can collect but come equipped with mulch plugs or mulching systems which enable you to swap between collecting and mulching. Click here to view the mulching mowers we have available.